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Country Clubs: selecting the right one for your life

If you're craving a taste of just what exactly South Florida real estate has to offer, then check out this absolutely gorgeous property-listing in the city of Atlantis (the location for my video). 

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As you explore the different varieties of real estate property in South Florida, inevitably you will encounter listings of Country Clubs . Although the common perception of Country Clubs is that they are “one in the same”, it’s extremely important to take note of the subtle differences between these certain types of properties. When browsing the different Country Club listings online, pay special attention to the precise classification of the property. While each individual property will have its own unique identity with its surrounding community, the entire range of different Country Clubs within Palm Beach County can be broken down into three distinct groups:
  • Public Clubs – A perfect fit for casual golfers who golf once or twice a month, Public Clubs will be accessible to everyone, with all the different elements of a Country Club (pricing, accommodations, amenities etc.) offered within a desirable range.
  • Private Clubs – the most preferable option for more advanced golfers; any individual whose passion for golf demands a more solitary setting, shared only with other members who have the same level of enthusiasm, will find themselves most comfortable within a Private Club.
  • Equity Clubs – probably the most favorable route for individuals who want both the exclusivity of a private Club and a tight-knit social bond with other members, joining an Equity Club requires both membership status and residence within the Club.   
Obviously each option is appealing to each prospective buyer based on their own personal preferences and tastes. However, the most important aspect to be considered is the fact that there are a variety of lifestyles suited perfectly for one of the three types of properties, and this will ultimately be the major determining factor for most individuals.

With so many choices to consider, I hope you will see my team as the most trustworthy and competant set of guides, providing sound advice for steering you in the direction you want to go.

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