What Renovations Will Bring You Back the Most Money?

What Renovations Will Bring You Back the Most Money?

Today we are at a beautiful home we have for sale in Wellington. This property hosts many special features; we will highlight where you should spend your money and where you should save it!

A great place to spend your money is:
  • The front door. Your front door is a big part of the curb appeal. Investing in a beautiful front door, plants and fountains can be very smart and will likely bring you a return on your investment.
  • The kitchen and bathroom. From granite to custom cabinetry, you can give off an estate-like feeling. Double ovens and bun warmers are very easy ways to make buyers say “wow.”
  • Pool. If all of your neighbors have pools, you probably want to have one. However, it depends on your area.
  • Whole home generator. It depends on your preference; do like the comfort and peace of mind? Also, the closer we get to a hurricane, the more valuable it is to a buyer.

If you are thinking about doing any improvements, you need to recognize if you’re doing it for yourself or doing it for a return on your home sale. There also a few guidelines you must be aware of; 83% of kitchen will bring you a return if you are forward–thinking and make choices that buyers will appreciate. In addition, replacing windows will bring 81% of your investment back and save you money in energy costs. Updating your bathroom will bring 78% of your investment back. Finally, an inexpensive update you can do is painting.

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Also, if you have any questions about what makes sense financially in regards to selling your home, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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