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Expert Tips for Navigating the Real Estate Market

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13 Tips to Save Money on Your Home

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If you own a home, here are a few tips to save some money on your home.  Some of the tips you have thought of however maybe one or two of the items will help you put a little more in your bank account.

Tips to saving money on your home

1. The best suggestion that I can give is to make just 1 extra payment a year to go to your principal payment.  Doing so will allow you to pay off a 30 year mortgage off 7 years faster.

2. Also consider getting a 15 year loan and making the same extra payment per year.

3. If you haven't done so, get a windstorm mitigation inspection.  This could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

4. Have an FP&L energy efficiency test to see how you can save on your utility bills.

5. Close blinds during the day during the summer to keep the home cooler.

6. Do maintenance early as the longer it goes, the more expensive a repair can be.

7. Consider upgrading insulation, appliances and a/c units.  There are rebate programs for a/c and solar energy (water) too.

8. Put a programmable thermostat for your ac.  Ideal ten - 75-78%. Every degree you raise your thermostat, you could result in a 5% savings.

9. If allowed, run your sprinkler off of a lake.

10. Consider adding a ventilating fan in the attic.

11. Review your landscaping to see if you need more shade.  Also make sure you don't have bushes touching the home.

12. Replace your a/c filters monthly

13. When selling, hire the Treu Group to put more money in your pocket.

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Your Realtor® is On Vacation – But Your Listing Doesn’t Have to Be! Hire the Treu Group!

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Have you booked your vacation yet? And if you are selling your home currently, do you have the peace of mind knowing that while you are enjoying some time off, your agent will be managing everything? What happens if your agent is heading out for a vacation too? What happens if there is a lot of activity on your home while they are gone and worse, what if an offer comes in during that time but no one is available to receive it?

The truth is that for many single, standalone agents this can become a major problem. They don’t have the support system needed to be able to leave on vacation carefree. And if they go anyway, guess who suffers? You!

That’s why when you hire the Treu Group to manage your listing you’re in good hands. We have a team of specialists that are dedicated full-time to handle all the needs that arise when selling a home. When a buyer comes along with an offer – there is usually a very quick response time required. Holiday time or not, our team gets it done.

This week’s video was shot from our vacation site in the Bahamas and during the time we have been on vacation, we have helped five clients get their homes sold. This is while we’ve been on vacation! Our strong team of experienced professionals does what it takes to keep everything moving fast so you get your home sold faster.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring the Treu Group for all your real estate needs, please call Lisa Treu’s personal cell phone number at 561 352 3056. We look forward to working with you!