Seeing Is Believing; Curb Appeal Makes All the Difference When Selling Your Home

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How many times have you been in awe of a gorgeous property from the moment you set eyes on it? What was it about that home that was memorable? There is a good chance any homes you have seen that do pull you in and keep you interested, have been beautifully landscaped. If not landscaped to perfection, the exterior spaces of the home have at least been enhanced making the home inviting and enticing people to want to see more.

When selling a home, a good first impression is absolutely critical. In fact, with the market as it is these days, many buyers will not even enter a home unless its exterior is aesthetically pleasing. This includes major items like the condition of the lawn and garden and the exterior of the home to smaller details like lighting fixtures, the color of a front door or de-cluttered living spaces.

As you can see in our virtual tour of this absolutely gorgeous featured home, curb appeal provides a glimpse of what one can expect when they enter the home. Careful attention is paid to landscaping, trees, shrubs and flowers as well as exterior lighting, porch d├ęcor and entryways.

So if you are considering selling your home – consider spending some time, energy and resources on enhancing its curb appeal. As they say, a buyer will decide within eight seconds whether or not they like a home and you just can’t afford to lose the opportunity that beautiful curb appeal provides.

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