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5 Things You Should Do When You Move Into a New Home

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Moving into a new home can be an extremely exciting time in a person’s life.  However, it can also be incredibly hectic.  There are some things that can be placed on the back burner during the move in process.  With these five easy tips on moving into a new home, you can be sure to back your house as safe and cost efficient as possible. 

Change the Locks

At closing time, the seller of a house turns over the keys to the new owners.  Many times, though, the previous owner will have given a spare key to a friend or neighbor in case of emergency.  Enlist a locksmith to come to the house and change all of the locks and get new keys made.  This final transition from one owner to the next will give the new homeowner peace of mind. 

Reprogram Your Garage Door Remote

Along with changing the locks of your home, reprograming your garage door remote will ensure the safety of your house.  Depending on the brand of remote, steps in reprograming it may differ, but the process is simple for nearly all brands.  Most remotes have a “Learn” button, which you must hold until the indicator light blinks.  While the indicator light blinks, press the button on your remote.  This should reprogram your garage door opener remote.  If this does not work, contact your remote manufacturer or local hardware store for assistance. 

Change Your Home’s Air Filters

Most air filter manufacturers recommend that you change the HVAC air filters once every month. Due to the increased amount of activity of moving furniture in and out of the house, a larger concentration of dust will collect in the ventilation system.   In order to improve the air quality in your home and increase heating and cooling efficiency, make sure you change your air filters right when you move in.

Install New Batteries in Smoke Alarms

When a person is selling their home, there are many different procedures they must do to ensure that it is ready for sale.  Often times, during the stress of the home selling process, the smoke alarms are forgot about.  Ensure the safety of your home and family by changing the batteries in the smoke detectors when you move into a new house.  This cheap and quick home improvement has the potential to save your family’s life.

Reprogram Your Security System

 If you have a security system in your new house, it is a smart idea to reprogram it. If there is a number-code or word-code for the system, make sure that you choose a code that the whole family can easily remember, especially if you have young children. 

Palm Beach County Market Update – Nov 2012

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One thing everybody seems to be talking about in Palm Beach County is real estate. With the New Year here, the fiscal cliff crisis resolved and things looking up for much of the country – many people are looking at buying or selling real estate. Interestingly, it’s a great time for buyers and sellers alike! Here are some statistics plus a link to more stats and a great resource where you can get an in-depth report on your neighborhood.

Inventory Levels Indicate Strong Sellers’ Market
At last check, in November 2012 the number of months’ inventory on hand was just 4.7 months. What that means is that if nothing were to change, it would take 4.7 months to sell the current (at the time in November) inventory. In some areas we are seeing just one to two months of inventory.

In a sellers’ market, we typically see things like multiple offers coming in on properties, price wars and artificially inflated sale prices. With this market, homeowners can finally jump off the fence and list their home with the reasonable expectation that it will sell for top dollar, quickly and with the least amount of hassle.

Unprecedented Increase in the Number of Pending Sales
Year over year, we saw a 66% increase in pending sales. This indicates a very strong marketplace with an upswing of activity that is projected to continue in the coming months and year. For buyers, this is an excellent time to be investing in real estate. Interest rates continue to hover at all-time historic lows but Palm Beach County is seeing rising prices.

For sellers, there couldn’t be a better time to list a home. Not only can you expect top dollar but also most homes are selling quickly. In fact, some homeowners will be glad to find that they may not be underwater as they once thought they were.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with all your real estate needs, whether buying or selling a home. Feel free to contact me directly on my personal cell number at 561 352 3056.

Also, as mentioned in the video, you can visit for comprehensive market reports about your neighborhood.