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3 Things You Should Look For in Choosing Your Next Real Estate Agent!

3 Things You Should Look For in Choosing Your Next Real Estate Agent!

When choosing your next real estate agent, there are three important things you must consider. The first thing you must consider is their marketing plan. What are specifically going to do to get your home sold? It’s very important to have a detailed marketing plan that includes social media, video and international marketing from Palm Beach County and Martin County Real Estate.

Secondly, you must look at their team structure. Do they have the top agents in the marketplace that will allow you to get to the closing table? Will they have a marketing division, a closing division and a lender and title partner?

Finally, you need to look at experience. The great thing about the Treu Group is that we have been selling in Palm Beach and Martin Counties since 1989. We have the experience to handle anything that comes up during the transaction and get you to the closing table. We would love to share our team, marketing plan and experience with you. See you soon!