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10 KILLER Design Tips to Improve the Selling Price of Your Home

10 KILLER Design Tips to Improve the Selling Price of Your Home

1.     Use paint to create the ambiance and style that you desire.  Painting an accent wall is always a great option to add a pop of color as well. 
2.    Use throw pillows and rugs to change the patterns and color schemes in a room. This is great especially if you like to change the look often.
3.    Decorating your table is an easy way to give a polished look to your Dining room.  You can use a runner, a tablecloth, and even a centerpiece to finish the look.  Simply recovering your dining room chairs can make this room more luxurious. 
4.    Update the light fixtures and lampshades.
5.    Add a custom headboard.  This is a great way to give the room your own personal touch, and a great DIY project. Adding texture will add some dimension to the room.
6.    The master bath should be a peaceful retreat. This can easily be accomplished by replacing the faucets, adding trim around the mirror and even as simple as adding luxurious towels and bathrobes.
7.    Do you love to cook?  Consider Re-facing your kitchen cabinets, adding a glass door to a kitchen cabinet to display some of your nicer tableware pieces, or upgrading your counter tops.  A very affordable change to the kitchen is to add lighting to the underside of your cabinets.
8.    Nothing says updated like wood blinds or plantation shutters.  Also, consider adding height and width to your windows and the room by placing your draperies higher than the windows. 
9.    If this is a new home, take your time and furnish your home with quality pieces that will last.  Using neutral colors on the main furniture will make it easy to keep up with the trends.
10.    Bring nature indoors with fresh flowers and plants throughout your home.

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