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June 2013 Market Update

Welcome back to our video blog. We have the news you have been waiting for – the June statistics for Palm Beach County and Martin County!

Let’s take a look at Palm Beach County first. If you remember back in May, we had four months of inventory. This made a very strong sellers’ market. We are no at 3.7 months. The market continues to get better and better if you are a seller. Now is the perfect to put your home on the market and take advantage of this moment! Prices in Palm Beach County are up 37% from 2012!

If you are buyer, you may be disappointed about buying in a sellers’ market. Don’t worry! With a great team, we can still help you get to the closing table.

Now, let’s look at Martin County. Martin County is trailing just a little behind Palm Beach County. Martin’s traditional sales increased by 44% from last year and their median sales price is up by 4.2%!

If you want to know how these stats directly impact your home, give us a call 561.352.3056. We’d be more than happy to help!