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How Inspections Help Buyers Save Money and Sellers Can Get More Money

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Home inspections are a critical part of the process when buying a home. It can be equally as beneficial when you’re selling a home because it provides a look at potential concerns and gives you an opportunity to rectify and issues prior to listing the home.

But in terms of buying a home, the single most important thing to do is to hire a good inspector. For years, the Treu Group has relied on Mark Wahl of WAYPOINT Property Inspection East. Mark has inspected countless properties with us and we wholly trust his recommendations.

To help illustrate how much is involved in an inspection, we walk with Mark as he does one of our newest properties, showcased on our blog and a video (linked at the end of this article). Walking through the home, he shares with us the key areas he evaluates to help his clients make informed decisions about their purchase.

Exterior; Roof, Stucco, Structure, Driveway, Electrical Points
Starting with the exterior of a home, Mark investigates the home’s construction, looks closely at the structure, checks the roof in terms of age and condition plus considers the home’s storm readiness. When looking at these areas, they check for cracking, signs of settling, evidence of water or storm damage and impending repairs that may come up in the near to midterm future. They also double check all electrical outlets to ensure they are installed with safety code in mind, such as GFCI outlets where necessary.

Savings Tip: As part of a Windstorm Mitigation inspection, Mark will evaluate the home’s readiness for hurricanes or other strong storms. Not only will this add up to big savings with your homeowners’ insurance premium but also you will receive a discount for the inspection cost when combined with a home inspection.

Windstorm Mitigation Inspections; Shutters, Panels, Impact Glass
As part of a Windstorm Mitigation inspection, the company checks everything from exterior shutters, exterior paneling, impact glass and more to make sure the home is hurricane ready. Once this investigation passes inspection, you can expect savings (as much as half your premium) with your insurance company.

Bathrooms; Plumbing, Wood Rot Evidence, Ventilation Systems
During inspections Mark carefully examines bathroom plumbing systems to ensure proper function. He checks for any leaks, looks for evidence of wood rot or other damage as a result of prior or impending problems and also checks the bathroom’s ventilation systems. During the course of the entire inspection, he also looks at windows in every room, ceilings and support beams, safety features and key aspects of the home and its function. On  your report you will learn if the bathtub seals are effective and if he suspects any leakage beneath the tub based on the floor surface or ceiling from below the bathtub’s location.

Kitchen; Appliance Function, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring and Cabinetry
As with bathrooms, your inspector will evaluate all plumbing systems and confirm they are in working order. Each appliance is checked for proper operation while floors and cabinets are reviewed in terms of age and quality of installation as well as evidence of wood rot or moisture beneath or nearby these areas. Electrical outlets are also evaluated to make sure they can handle the load from major appliances. Throughout the inspection, Mark also ensures the home’s safety compliance – checking for smoke detectors and CO monitors.

Recalled Appliances Check
One more great service offered by Mark and his team is checking appliances for recalls. He checks the make, model and serial number of each and then submits them to a national database, where then if anything falls under a recall program the buyer (or seller) can then get a free repair if applicable. Most people are not even aware of recall programs for appliances – and they are usually the expensive large appliances such as your fridge, range, washer, dryer, water heaters or even air conditioning systems.

Mark and his team can be reached by phone or email and you can also visit the company website, linked below:

Mark Wahl, ACI
WAYPOINT Property Inspection East, LLC

For a closer look at the house you saw during today’s home inspection demonstration, click the youtube link below. It’s a gorgeous home located in Delray Beach. Also linked below is our blog post with further details about this listing. Call us today if you’d like to schedule a showing.

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