How Homeowners Can Get the Most Money When Selling In Today’s Market

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What would you say is the number one goal of most home sellers? It’s to get the most money! Yes there may be other motivations but for the most part, sellers want to be able to maximize the return on their investment and what better time than to sell during a seller-controlled market?

Today, despite being a seller’s market there is still quite a bit you can do to ensure that your home gets the most attention from buyers and ultimately the most money. Here are a few tips to follow that almost guarantee you that extra edge over other homes in this marketplace.

To help show you our tips at work, we filmed our video blog at our beautiful listing in Sewalls Point (the Home Tour is embedded below)– stop by and see the home or send someone you know that is looking in the area!

Get the Price Right
Pricing effectively is a key strategy to get more money in your pocket. Despite what many real estate agents advise, falsely raising the price of a home does not add “extra room” for negotiation. Rather, it can be counterproductive. We suggest the price be set carefully and according to what buyers are dictating in the marketplace to some degree. Pricing a bit lower will often generate multiple bids and create an auction environment, resulting in at or more than list price for you.

Set the Stage for Buyers
Keep in mind buyers want to see the house for what it is rather than for how you live your life in the home. Staging allows for the perfect balance between showing a home to be livable and personal while at the same time allowing enough of a blank canvas that a buyer can visualize his or her own lifestyle in the space. As you can see in the video, less is more and clean, simple d├ęcor in neutral color schemes allows buyers to imagine their own life in the home.

Keep Your Home Updated
Am important aspect of selling a home successfully is to set it up with custom and updated amenities. Though the buyer willing to buy a fixer might overlook kitchen appliances from the 70s or wood paneling that might seem outdated, the best way to ensure the most exposure of your home is to present an updated style. Buyers these days prefer granite or custom countertops, stainless appliances and wood or ceramic floors in kitchens. They also tend to gravitate to homes with higher-end finishes such as crown moldings, wide baseboards, updated lighting fixtures and today’s color schemes.


For a custom consultation where we come to your home and share with you more ideas of how you can successfully sell your home for more money – contact us today!

Florida’s Homestead Tax Exemption Saves Homeowners Thousands of Dollars Each Year

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Congratulations on finding the perfect home! There are many benefits to homeownership, which you will keep finding as you continue to live in your home. Among those benefits are some great tax advantages, starting with the homestead exemption.

Residents that spend at least six months and one day in their homes here in Florida are qualified to claim homestead on their property. Our government gives owners of their own property great tax breaks when it is their primary residence.

Homestead Tax Exemption Deadline Fast Approaching
If you closed on your property on or prior to December 31, 2012 – there isn’t much time to apply for the homestead tax exemption. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2013 in order to receive homestead tax advantages for the current year.

To apply, click on the following links below. You will find information about the homestead exemption, how to complete the process as well as a fillable PDF form that makes it simple and convenient.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any real estate related matter – we are right here and ready to help!