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Attracting International Buyers to the Florida Real Estate Marketplace

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You may have heard the phrase, “real estate is local” and this could not be truer for our marketplace here in Florida. Unlike many other markets across America, Florida is unique in that we have countless miles of coastal properties and we have real estate that is second to none in the global marketplace.

That is why we often attract international buyers to our region.

But the question is, as a seller, how do you specifically invite attention to your home to these buyers and why, in fact, would you want to do so?

International Buyers Are a Great Opportunity for Sellers

First of all, there are two important reasons to try and capture as many international buyers to your property as possible. Not only do these deals often yield cash offers but also we are seeing approximately 62% of all buyers from other countries engaging in cash transactions. In addition, international buyers tend to purchase token properties that are usually higher priced and often serve as their “trophy homes”.

Specialized Marketing By the Treu Group Geared Toward Global Buyers

How does one generate interest in Florida homes for buyers throughout other areas of the world and more importantly, how to know which areas and specific markets to target? Well, we came back from our trip to Europe recently and developed a campaign specifically geared to attracting international buyers’ attention to our homes in Florida.

At the moment, we are capturing about 26% of all the international buyers that are interested in our region and we expect to increase that number with our marketing campaigns.
As I mentioned in the video, we did a 30-minute show with Chris Keller of Keller Williams Worldwide, discussing the dynamics of international buyers in real estate. To listen to the show at your convenience, click on the show and hear the very informative conversation we had with one of the biggest names in the real estate industry.

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