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Hurricane Preparedness – What NOT to Do

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One of the most harrowing experiences people in hurricane zones face is staring a hurricane directly in the face, head on and not being ready to handle it. Being caught off guard has led to many unfortunate outcomes and the last thing we want to happen is for you or your family to suffer any losses as a result.

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Taping Windows For Protection

A very commonly made mistake is taping up windows. The truth is that tape simply does not hold up to the strong gusts of wind and other elements produced by a hurricane.  The most adequate form of protection for both your family and your property comes from using wood panels to board up the windows. Aluminum hurricane panels or accordion shutters are also good alternatives.

Make Sure You Have A Well Thought-Out Evacuation Plan

Too many people neglect to fully plan out their evacuation in case it is needed, only to be left hanging with no where to go. Not only is it critical to know exactly where you will be going, but also it is also very useful to have multiple routes in mind in case the storm is approaching from the direction of your chosen safe haven. Ideally, a shelter is a good place to remain until the storm passes. Though it can be uncomfortable, remember to pack all your family’s supplies and make alternate arrangements for any pets since they are not usually admitted into hurricane shelters. It is a good idea to make advance arrangements for your pet so that you are not left in a panic should a hurricane hit your area.

Stay In Groups; The Old Adage “Safety In Numbers” Holds True

Though hurricanes are usually destructive through massive force of wind, rain and other natural elements – keeping your family and friends together is good for many reasons. Not only is it better to have more people managing the situation together but it is also more manageable when there are more helping hands in case things get difficult. It is easier to have someone go call for help if needed when there are more people and it is useful in containing calm in a group.
Here is a great resource for information about hurricanes from the NOCC and the National Weather Service. And another website administered by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) offers some great tips.

If you would like more tips on how to prepare for a hurricane or would like some insight on buying, selling or investing in a property – contact us today!