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Expert Tips for Navigating the Real Estate Market

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Top 10 Things a Buyer Can Do to Get the Home That They Want with the Market Today

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1. Be sure to hire an agent that understands the market conditions for the price range and product you are purchasing in.

2. If you are obtaining a mortgage, be sure to have a pre-approval.  We see a lot of items missed on pre-approvals so Treu Group buyers always have one of our lenders take a 2nd look.  It gives the other agent confidence that the buyer is solid and can get to the closing table.

3. Hire an agent that is well known in the realtor community. In multiple offer situations, reputation and relationships matter.

4. Understand that bank owned homes will have multiple offers. You have to be competitive to win.  If you don’t like that environment, then bank owned homes are not for you.

5. Be sure your agent gets you into deals first.

6. When you find your new home, make an offer IMMEDIATELY.  It is like Costco, if you wait and go back later, it might be gone.

7. Use a search site like that will allow you to get a real picture of what is for sale., Zillow, and Truila can be frustrating because over ½ pf the properties are under contract.

8. If you’re considering a short sale, be sure your agent really understands which deals can get done.

9. Make sure to structure the deal in the most attractive way to the seller. It is not always the price that is the most important factor to the seller. Closing date, down payment amounts, and inspection periods can also be crucial factors.

10. Be reasonable about expectations.  We ask our clients what their 3 must haves are.  These are the deal breakers.

Keep in mind that the right home always works out if you take the right steps.