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Post-Wedding Bells Bliss – How to Move In Together Without Losing Either of Your Styles

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Here we are in the middle of wedding season!  So many couples are tying the knot and we are there to witness the beginning of what will hopefully be years of happiness and bliss!  Before they get to that state of wedded bliss though, they will need to move in together. So the big question is “how do you tackle that?”  And we have the perfect answer. Here are four tips on how to seamlessly move in together so that you can focus on enjoying newlywed life instead of stepping on each other’s toes.

“Should We Love It or Lose It?”

The process of combining two homes is definitely harrowing and at times really stressful. One of the things you should do is to decide whether it is necessary to keep it all. Go through all your stuff and ask the question “should we love it or lose it?” then systematically purge the things you do not see useful. Set up three large cartons and label them “Keep”, “Throw” and “Donate”. This will not only make you feel lighter but it will also make your move easier since there will be less stuff to have to cart around.

Compromise on Color Schemes and Décor

Yes, it is the beginning of years of compromise and it starts right here with deciding on the surroundings of your home together. Discuss what styles, themes and color schemes you each find attractive and come to some consensus about how you want to design your new married life home’s interior.

Invest In Quality Pieces of Furniture

For years, you have heard Grandma talk about investing in quality and the same holds true for the furniture of your new home. If you have two old pieces and neither agrees on which to hold on to, pick up a new one but make sure it is a quality piece. Not only will these items last you for years and years, they will also mark the beginning of your new life together.

Personalize the Space to Both Your Personalities

Of course you will be bringing in things from each respective former home but the key to establishing a homestead that suits both of you is to incorporate characteristics unique to you as a couple. Make the space your own by adding some new items whether it be artwork, some new furniture or other things suited to your new space.

Bonus Tip:
If you have not gotten married yet, FHA allows buyers to receive gift funds towards a downpayment so your family and friends can help you get your new home. Unlike conventional mortgage loans, FHA makes it affordable and possible for newly married couples to be able to afford a new home. With today’s record-setting low interest rates it is an excellent time to invest in a home and a perfect way for friends and family to be a part of it!
Keep in mind that the tips we have shared above are designed to make your move easy and as smooth as possible. They are also perfect for anyone you may know that is moving on to college or someone looking to move into a roommate situation. We wish you and your partner years of success and happiness!